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    IDEAL FOR ALL SURFACES. IT IS LIGHTING IN THE DARK! Non-slip phosphorescent spray for indoor or outdoor, ideal for all dry surfaces, suitable for medium passage in domestic or work environments. Product technical data sheet available. The spray is semi-transparent by day. Capture light and release it at night making visible obstacles and steps.

    22,15 € 24,05 €
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    IDEAL FOR ALL IRREGULAR SURFACES - IT IS PERFECTLY SUITABLE FOR EVERY TYPE OF PAVEMENT Black conformable anti-slip adhesive tape for interiors or exteriors. Integrated with aluminum foil that adheres perfectly to every surface (platforms, metal plates, grids). Suitable for high passage in work environments, industrial.

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Solutions for living in safety.

The Ncbsafe brand of Ncb Srl offers the best products for personal safety. Safe living means avoiding accidental injuries at home and at work and making yourself visible on the road so as to avoid incidents that can not be avoided.